CCTV Systems can be designed, installed and maintained for domestic or commercial premises.

Hard wired systems are available from one way camera systems to sixty way camera systems and beyond. CCTV systems can be wired or wireless with the advantage of being externally monitored by yourself or by a monitoring station (advice available).

CCTV system repairs and upgrades are also available just call CCTV video security systems offer several benefits; instant alerts and real time coverage of incidents, act as a deterrent and can provide evidence in a court of law, improving the chances of a conviction.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is that of deterrence and the prevention of a criminal act. Whilst CCTV can help in the arresting and conviction criminals, for the business owner it is the security of their business that matters.

Home CCTV Protection:

  • CCTV home video security provides a higher level of security and acts as a deterrent in its own right to both intruders and trespassers.
  • Our home video security products are designed specifically for home use and are suitable for surveillance inside or outside your home.
  • Footage is recorded on a hard drive in your home for playback and evidence if needed.

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