A completely new electrical installation involves a lot of labour-intensive work. Providing an estimate which is detailed and accurate requires a thorough inspection of your home to understand the challenges involved.

Give us a call to arrange a home visit, Modern electrical installations are wired in plastic insulated cable. The cable is coloured old grey or white. The installation should ideally have a single consumer unit or fuse board with circuit breakers and RCD, s. Years ago, cable was rubber insulated. Even further back in time, cables had fabric insulation (mineral insulated) also lead covered. If your home is not cabled in plastic insulated cable or if it has several fuse boxes or white china-looking fuses, then it is probable that it needs to be completely rewired.

Both mineral and rubber-insulated cables breakdown (rot/perish) in time, leading to dangers of electric shock, fires, and short-circuits. In some cases, D.I.Y people ‘have-a-go’ at rewiring their own homes before selling them to you. This can lead to transparent issues and safety implications due to the fact that the installation ‘looks’ okay, but the detail and knowledge required ensuring safe working has not been applied.

Would you – for example – risk having your teeth treated by a Do-It-Yourself dentist? We think not! A little knowledge is a dangerous thing! When in doubt – call us out. If you require a full written survey, then more time and testing is required. We can provide a full electrical survey with a detailed written report from £200.

It is a good idea to obtain a full written survey prior to exchanging contracts on a new home purchase. Your surveyor is normally insufficiently qualified or skilled to provide a detailed analysis of the electrical system.

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