Digital aerials are installed by our self with the highest quality equipment used as standard. If you looking for an aerial upgrade or a new TV point we can offer the most competitive prices. We also install multipoint digital systems for hotels and commercial premises, just give us a call for more information.

The Digital Switchover is already underway. By 2012 television broadcasting in the UK will be completely digital.

Digital TV is also known as Freeview TV. Providing you are receiving the correct signal from your aerial you can currently receive around ninety channels. Most of these are free without any monthly subscription or payment.

There are several pay per view channels including Setanta Sports. To check which channels are available CLICK HERE.

MW Electrical and Facilities Solutions Ltd. provides a complete aerial service from channel information and tuning to a full Digital Aerial installation. Digital Aerials can be installed to improve reception and the quality of picture in your home.

Digital Freeview can be received using a Freeview Box or a TV with built in freeview enabling you to receive more channels and a greater choice of programmes.


Storm Damage – If your existing aerial is damaged or broken due to storms or other reasons we can repair or replace parts. You may require a new mast or bracket, which can be fitted, to your existing system.

Water in Cable – A common problem is water in the aerial cable. This may be present over a long period of time before it is noticed and is caused by damage to the cable or water entering at the aerial connection. we can replace the cable or change both the aerial and cable.

Looking to watch your TV, Satellite or DVD anywhere in your property? CLICK HERE.

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